Organize projects without the extra complexity

No credit card recuired


Use features that you need and get rid of all the team features bogging you down.


Manage your work and keep track of every stage.


Unclutter your browser tab and save bookmarks for when needed.


Images, files, zip folder & even podcasts to your project.


Use one of our ready-made templates, or simply capturing notes for everything from your grocery lists to MasterClass schedule and more!

To-do list

Add quick tasks to your project board and tick them off when done.

Budget tracker

Keep track of your project spend as you go along.


Find what your looking for without the need to spend ages guessing


Easy automation and integration with our platform.

Project boards

Keep all your work in separate boards.

Need more space to better manage your projects?

Go premium today and create and manage an unlimited number of projects for only $35 a year (yep, that’s only $2.91 per month!)

What our customers think

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Lee Crossdale

“I can’t stress enough how handy and affordable this service is. Orsolo helps me organise my many projects, and the UI / UX is sleek and satisfying . It’s honestly the best $35 a year you could spend.”

Si Jobling

“One of the other great things about @OnTheSideDev is discovering Orsolo a lovely little app for managing your own side projects. They’re continuously improving it and super-responsive to feedback.”

Rishi R

“Very right timed! Ditched Trello, signed up for Orsolo. So far, neat & sweet!”